Google Keyword Planner

Hi I'm Shakeel Iqbal and today I'm going to teach you how you can generate a free article for your website or blog with the help of Ai Tools 

Tools we are using today for generating articles

1- Gmail Generator 

2- Google Keyword Planner 

3- Anyword Ai 

Gmail Generator 

Gmail Generator is a tool that allows us to create copies of our email. click the link to view Email Generator . after going on this site just put your email and click generate. then the site gives you many copies of your email that you can use to receive emails to trick some websites for a free trial.

Google Keyword Planner 

Google Keyword Planner is a tool made by google to search for keywords that are ranking in the world with the help of google keyword planner you can find free keywords that is with low competition and you can use them in your articles to get more views. click Google Keyword Planner to go directly to the page. after you go on that page just type the category or keyword you want to check and select the country and boom this tool gives you all data of the google search ranking for that particular keyword and now you can check and select the right keyword for your article.

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